3Dtracking integrates its telematics platform into the systems of a leading global security provider, servicing multiple branches throughout Europe from a centralised alarm monitoring centre.


Responsible for 24/7 monitoring of vehicles carrying high value items, one of the world’s leading security companies needed a proactive alarm monitoring solution, based in their primary call centre in Europe. With its own complex in-house alarm and response system, the security company needed to work with an experienced telematics partner that could deliver customised integration and effective two-way communication between the alarm monitoring system and telematics platform.

Business challenges

API integration for two-way communication

To enable a fully responsive service, the partner needed help developing its API in line with strict security principles and technical requirements. With deep industry and programming expertise, 3Dtracking was tasked with assisting in the development of this API and then integrating the API with its telematics platform to ensure effective 24/7 monitoring and real-time alarm response. This API integration was implemented alongside the existing API suite that 3Dtracking already provides to partners and clients worldwide.

Managing activation through a responsive platform

Through smart integration, 3Dtracking’s telematics platform would give the partner round-the-clock monitoring of all vehicles and cargo. Receiving immediate alerts of any alarm activations would enable the security company to take appropriate action, such as alerting the driver/ owner/ business/ security vehicles or police. The integration was built on the 3Dtracking Call Centre, a feature built into the 3Dtracking platform that allows a service provider to monitor several different client accounts, including receiving and responding to real-time alarms, running required reports, etc. For more information about the Call Centre function please view 3Dtracking’s Call Centre video here.

Understanding in-house workflows for optimised monitoring

Before being able to integrate its API with 3Dtracking’s platform, the security company would need to map out every monitoring and action process in line with optimised workflow principles.

Reliability with the right technical know-how

With its requirement for further API development, coupled with complex in-house workflows, the security company needed to work with a telematics platform provider that could deliver a comprehensive telematics platform along with the required skills and technical knowledge. This includes advanced telematics services such as route and fleet optimisation, which is available from 3Dtracking’s Dispatch module – a tool utilised by the end clients to increase productivity and efficiency through optimal route planning. In addition, the mobile application allows drivers to access and update their schedules while out on the road.

The solution and how 3Dtracking delivered

3Dtracking set about establishing the partner’s complex system requirements, to ensure effective integration with its in-house system.

The process

After engaging with key stakeholders, the 3Dtracking team agreed a schedule of completion with the support of management. With an open approach to communication, the project progressed quickly, despite the onset of the Covid crisis, to complete the API design and ensure seamless integration with 3Dtracking’s platform within the 1-month deadline.

Workflow-driven API development

To meet the partner’s technical and operational requirements, 3Dtracking conducted an in-depth analysis of the in-house monitoring and activation processes. Building on these foundations, the 3Dtracking team worked closely with the security provider’s in-house programmers to ensure successful integration with its platform.

Industry-leading global security monitoring

Through smart integration with 3Dtracking’s telematics platform, the partner is now able to receive immediate alerts of any vehicle alarm activations. For each alert, the partner is able to take proactive action to ensure safe delivery of its clients’ vehicles and high value cargo – giving them an edge on their competitors.

Technical expertise with industry insight

With its track record of integrations across a variety of industries, 3Dtracking is an experienced technical partner. With the right skills, transparent approach and deep programming expertise, the partner was able to entrust its complex integration requirements to 3Dtracking’s knowledgeable team.


  • Differentiation through next-level security monitoring
  • Bespoke integration with complex in-house systems
  • Proactive monitoring of vehicle alarms
  • Improved actions and response times
  • Seamless two-way communication

About 3Dtracking

3Dtracking is a global telematics platform provider working with partners across more than 90 countries worldwide. The 3Dtracking platform is integrated with leading telematics hardware and is available as a white-label offering. The functionality provided by 3Dtracking is highly modular and includes complex features such as driver behaviour scoring, fuel management, fleet scheduling and route optimisation, CanBUS integration and video (MDVR) monitoring. 3Dtracking is GDPR compliant with servers based in the UK and USA.

Within its security offering, 3Dtracking has developed numerous critical functions such as real-time alerts, a call centre monitoring interface, alert action lists, customisable user access, advanced driver monitoring, as well as a range of other features. To find out more about what 3Dtracking can deliver to you and your clients, email 3Dtracking at sales@3dtracking.com.