Take charge of fleet fuel management

July 24, 2019News

No matter how small or large, if your clients are in charge of a fleet you’ll already know how important fuel monitoring is to their bottom line. With fuel consumption adding up to a third of most fleets’ running costs, the opportunities for savings are vast – both in terms of time and money. From … Read More

3Dtracking sees increasing demand for CO2 emissions monitoring

July 3, 2019News

The 3Dtracking platform offers fleet management service provider partners CO2 emissions monitoring and reporting capabilities in its telematics service platform which provides a framework for fleet managers to track progress for initiatives targeted at reducing CO2 emissions. For more in-depth insight please read the article here: Vehicle Service Pros – Emissions and exhaust system tools

The Indian telematics industry is transforming

May 17, 2019News

As an evolving and every changing market, India is a very exciting country in which to work with TSPs in growing their offering to fleet managers. Piyush Rajan from Telematicswire.net chatted to Noam Cimand, our GM about what 3Dtracking has to offer to the Indian market, especially in relation to the new regulations that the Indian Government … Read More

Agricultural Fleet management – A case for industry specific software solutions

May 5, 2019News

Farming is a complex and at times uncertain operation due to factors such as weather, machine performance and yield. The planning of farming operations can typically involve four highly interconnected stages, namely; harvesting, out of field removal of biomass, rural road transportation and public road transportation. The corresponding machinery systems include harvesters, transport units, medium … Read More

Increase revenue by combining telematics and IoT

April 30, 2019News

In a recent interview with Noam Cimand, 3Dtracking’s GM, Fleetpoint Media Limited reported on ways in which telematics service providers can expand their service offering by providing relevant IoT and ensuring their service platform has the ability to integrate wide. He describes how at 3Dtracking we try to assist service providers grow their business, by offering a … Read More

3Dtracking’s perspective on Key Trends in Telematics

March 14, 2019News

Fleet Management Weekly recently interviewed Noam Cimand, 3Dtracking’s General Manager. Noam has a wealth of experience in the telematics industry and was able to share a number of valuable insights with the FMW journalist. Noam has noted that over the years, there has been a move towards value-added services such as driver behaviour and vehicle … Read More