Telematics Services to Expand B2B and B2B2C Revenue Opportunities For Mobile Operators

September 9, 2021News

by Tara Neal Faster speeds and greatly enhanced capacities across today’s mobile networks are seeing operators making rapid inroads into new and emerging services built around ubiquitous connectivity. Telematics which delivers connectivity and intelligence to vehicles, is one such area of innovation that is expected to experience a surge in deployments, propelled in part by … Read More

3Dtracking Sees Growth For Video-based Telematics Services in Africa

May 31, 2021News

The state of fleet management across Africa is strong and growing according to an assessment by 3Dtracking. by Ephraim Batambuze The state of fleet management across Africa is strong and growing. This assessment is according to Noam Cimand, General Manager at 3Dtracking, a company that provides software platforms for telematics services providers. The telematics services … Read More

7 Factors in Choosing the Right Tracking Platform

March 5, 2021News

In trying times, fleet managers are under even more pressure to optimise efficiency and reduce costs — while fulfilling regulatory requirements and tightening security controls. To do this effectively, they need immediate access to reliable intelligence about overall fleet health before taking corrective action. This valuable information is a product of a smart combination of … Read More

Vehicle maintenance features drive business savings and efficiency

December 8, 2020News

Vehicle maintenance features drive business savings and efficiency As fleet managers seek to optimise efficiency, vehicle tracking platforms provide a myriad data that offer in-depth insight into overall fleet health. At the same time, turning this information into insight means ensuring data is presented in an easy-to-use format for rapid business action. 3Dtracking’s platform includes … Read More

Learn something new during your lockdown period!

April 15, 2020News

3Dtracking remains hard at work as transport and management of goods remains an essential service during the global lockdown.  For others in the fleet management industry, this is a great opportunity to learn how the 3Dtracking platform can help your clients to drive efficiency and manage costs. Now more than ever, businesses need innovative and cost-effective … Read More

Diagnostics: business success through measurement

February 11, 2020News

One of the world’s greatest management thinkers, Peter Drucker, put it best when he said, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.’  And if your clients are fleet managers, you’ll know just how important it is to monitor fleet diagnostics to manage risk, improve efficiency and reduce costs. In today’s era of the … Read More

Looking back on 2019

December 17, 2019News

As we all pause to enjoy a short or long break, and consider what we want to achieve in the new year, we also have the opportunity to consider the year gone by – what worked and what didn’t.  At 3Dtracking, we have taken the chance to reflect and consider what we have achieved over … Read More

How driver behavior impacts a fleet’s bottom line

October 21, 2019News

For any company managing a fleet, driver behaviour has a direct impact on the bottom line.  From sharp acceleration, braking and cornering, to excessive idling and speeding, the actions of drivers can affect cost and productivity, as well as an organisation’s safety record and reputation. In light of today’s rising fuel prices and strict safety … Read More

3Dtracking adds route visualisation and optimisation to its telematics service platform

September 3, 2019News

  The 3Dtracking Dispatch function offers users visualisation and analysis tools to help optimise routes and manage costs. For each planned dispatching order, the 3Dtracking platform maps and displays the optimal route taking into consideration travel requirements and more. Read more here: Telematics wire – 3Dtracking adds route visualisation and optimisation to its telematics service … Read More

3Dtracking sees growth opportunities for telematics service providers in Europe

August 3, 2019News

Telematics service providers across Europe are soon going to be able to offer an even wider array of services. With underlying technologies and communications infrastructure maturing, new technologies for IoT and V2x communications can quickly move into the mainstream. Read more about 3Dtracking’s perspective on the market for telematics in Europe here: Transport Distribution Europe … Read More